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"What lies the world tells

Look good and be adored work hard and earn reward

Is that all we're living for"


-Shoes On the Powerline

"Begging for crumbs off the masters table.

I'm running out of air

Someone help me please"






O h, the joys of finding wonder in the ordinary!


Do you remember the last time you marveled at something most would consider mundane —morning dew settled on a stagnant car, squirrels circling a tree on the ground, or a pair of kicks dangling from a power line? While in the midst of exhaling a deep breath of anxiety, my eyes settle on a pair of old sneakers dancing in the wind from an electric cable. With childlike wonder, questions spill into my mind. Where did they come from? Why are they there? Am I crossing into gang territory (I mean, this is LA)? How many people have come across these shoes and bother to acknowledge their presence?


Shoefiti — the art of tossing shoes on the power line, light pole, etc. — is the inspiration for my latest studio recording project. That simple form of urban folklore challenged my values and my perception of art, leading me to consider what I’d like to be remembered by.


You are personally invited to lend open ears to Shoes on the Powerline, a compilation of songs written, sung, and produced by me.



Shoes On the Powerline

"Pardon me dear

Knew I’d find you here

I’m here for one day  

 passing through

To see the kingdom you made

And the life  I gave up when I decided not to stay"


-Passing Through

"Till you

Cling to my love


Submit to your strength


My hand in yours"

-Whisk me away


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